Association Le Pont Neuf

Mrs Chirac31, rue du Pont-Neuf - 75001 - PARIS
Tel. : 01 42 21 06 93
Fax. : 01 40 28 06 62
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  • President : Madame Jacques CHIRAC
  • Director : Madame Sophie FOUACE

Association's mission

Founded in February 1990 on Mrs Jacques Chirac's initiative, the Association Le Pont Neuf is a state-approved establishment which intends to increase exchanges between young people from Central and Eastern European countries, Russia and France.

Through this mutual enrichment between peoples and the creation of new solidarities, the Association's purpose is:

  • to support Central and Eastern European countries and especially young people on the way towards tomorrow's Europe.
  • to emphasize the influence of the French language and culture.
  • to enforce, implement and maintain democracy.

To uphold these goals the Association turns its actions towards 4 main lines:

  • linguistic initiatives?
  • University courses through grants, student exchanges and foreign courses,
  • medical cooperation through grants, exchanges of doctors and medical students,
  • cultural events through exhibitions, conferences and lectures helping to promote young artists.

The main countries which are presently concerned are Russia, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and the Baltic States.
The Association collaborates closely with the diplomatic networks in France and abroad, the grandes écoles and Universities, and associations involved in such missions: Academics without borders, the Association of Polish origin doctors in France.
Its head office is located in the heart of Les Halles in the house where Molière was born and where Richard Wagner stayed

Information on the Association's main activities

For 10 years exchanges have been successfully developed through class pairings, University and medical grants, and many cutural events.

  • 150 school exchanges and welcomes of young people have been performed. More than 4000 people are involved with these actions.
  • 200 medical grants have been allocated to young doctors, medical students and specialized practitioners.
  • 170 linguistic grants and 65 University grants (École Nationale d'Administration, Sciences Po, Langues' O) have been allocated.
  • 120 cultural events have been organized by Le Pont Neuf and hundreds of books have been given to Eastern European libraries and schools.

Since 1997 the Association's activity is focused on strengthening grants for medical students in Central European countries and Russia and on increasing University grants particularly with the grandes écoles: École Nationale d'Administration, Sciences Po, Langues' O (about 15 each year).

All in all the Association welcomes scholarship holders from the LVMH young creative force of Central Europe, the Baltic States or Russia (from 2 to 3 times a year) and regularly arranges cultural events (fairs, conferences) at the rate of 1 to 2 a year.

For the Association's 10th anniversary, cultural events are planned with in particular the holding of a symposium on Central Europe titled " Towards a new Europe, the Association Le Pont neuf, a special witness and partner ". About forty youngsters and former grant holders are invited to this celebration.

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