French-Saudi Communique


At the invitation of the President of the French Republic Jacques Chirac,
His Royal Highness Prince Abdullah Ibn Abdul Aziz Al Saud, Crown Prince of
Saudi Arabia, Vice President of the Council of Ministers and Head of the
Saudi Arabian National Guard visited France on an official visit from 13 to
15 April 2005. The two parties conducted in-depth discussions on matters of
common interest concerning the means of strengthening and developing
bilateral relations.

As regards the situation in Lebanon, the two countries have noted Syria's
commitment to withdraw in accordance with Security Council Resolution 1559.
The two countries support the independence of Lebanon, its security and
stability. They also call for the formation of a Lebanese Government as
rapidly as possible and the holding of free and democratic elections within
the prescribed deadlines.

The two countries stressed the importance they ascribe to the Security
Council Resolution providing for the establishment of an international
commission of inquiry to elucidate the circumstances of the assassination of
President Rafic Hariri and have requested the Lebanese authorities to
cooperate, under the Resolution, with a view to establishing the truth and
punishing those involved in this terrorist crime.

The two countries reiterated their encouragements for the actions conducted
with a view to restarting the peace process in the Middle East in accordance
with the international resolutions and the Road Map, which provides for a
solution based on two independent States living side by side in peace and
security. They also welcomed the reaffirmation by the Arab countries, at the
close of the Algiers Summit, of their commitment to the peace initiative put
forward by Prince Abdullah and adopted at the Arab Summit in Beirut.

They reaffirmed their commitment to peace and security in Iraq, to the
safeguarding of its unity and its sovereignty. They called for participation
of all Iraqi people in the political process. Saudi Arabia and France
insisted on the need to activate international cooperation in the fight
against terrorism and its sources of financing. They have planned to deepen
their cooperation in this area within the framework of the United Nations.

France expressed its satisfation with regard to the moderate oil policy
conducted by Saudi Arabia that aims to preserve stability in the oil markets
as well as to foster global economic growth. The two countries have agreed
to strengthen their cooperation on the economy, investments and culture in
the framework of their strategic relations. Saudi Arabia has also declared
that it appreciates French support for its joining the World Trade
Organization and its signing the Free Trade Agreement between the European
Union and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

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