Communique on Lebanon.



Paris, 18 march 2005

“We confirm our commitment to the full implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1559 for a sovereign, independent and democratic Lebanon to which the Lebanese people have spectacularly shown their commitment.

The implementation of Resolution 1559 calls for the total withdrawal of Syrian armed forces and security services, which are required to promptly leave the Lebanese territory.

This must lead to the organisation, according to the specified timeframe, of free and fair elections in Lebanon enabling the Lebanese people to determine their future without external interference. We will monitor the proper functioning of the electoral process. To this end, we would like independent observers to be present.

A government capable to act in the interest of all Lebanese people must promptly be established in order to organise these elections,

We fully support the mission being carried out by the UN Secretary-General Special Envoy for the implementation of the UN Security Council Resolution 1559, as well as the UN international investigative team tasked with discovering those responsible for the murder of Rafik Hariri.”

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