Jacques Chirac

Jacques Chirac Born on 29 November 1932 in the 5th arrondissement of Paris. Son of François Chirac, a company director, and Marie-Louise, née Valette. Married on 16 March 1956 to Mlle Bernadette Chodron de Courcel (two children: Laurence and Claude).


Lycée Carnot and Lycée Louis-le-Grand,Paris


Jacques Chirac in his student days Graduate of the Paris Institut d'Etudes Politiques (Institute of Political Science), and of the Harvard University Summer School (USA).



25 march 1967 - Jacques Chirac was Minister for Social Affairs at the time. The photo shows him notably in the company of General de Gaulle and André Malraux (foreground, right) Ecole nationale d'Administration (competitive-entrance college which trains top civil servants)
Auditeur (Junior member) of the cour des comptes (Audit Court)
Georges Pompidou and Jacques Chirac at the signature of the Grenelle Accords
  • Chargé de mission at the Government Secretariat-General
  • Chargé de mission in the private office of Georges Pompidou, Prime Minister
Conseiller référendaire (middle-ranking member) of the Cour des comptes
March 1965 to March 1977
Member of the Sainte-Féréole (Corrèze) municipal council
March - May 1967
Jacques Chirac, then a Deputy in the French National Assembly, meets farmers in the Corrèze DepartmentNational Assembly Deputy fot he Corrèze départment
State Secretary for Social Affairs, with responsibility for Employment (government of Georges Pompidou)
Member of the Corrèze General Council for the canton of Meymac, re-elected in 1970, 1976, 1982)
State Secretary for the Economy and Finance (governments of Georges Pompidou, Maurice Couve de Murville and Jacques Chaban-Delmas)
June 1968 - August 1968
UDR (Union pour la Défense de la République)National Assembly Deputy for the Corrèze département
Since 1969
Treasurer of the Fondation Claude Pompidou (a voluntary organization providing assistance particularly for the elderly and handicapped children)
1970 to March 1979
Chairman of the Corrèze General Council
Minister attached ti the Prime Minister, with responsibility for relations with Parliament (government of Jacques Chaban-Delmas)
Presentation of Pierre Messmer's government, July 7, 1972 Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development (government of Pierre Messmer)
March 4 1973 to May 5 1973
Re-elected National Assembly Deputy for the Corrèze département
Minister of the Interior (government of Messmer)
Minister of the Interior (government of Messmer)
27 May, 1974
Jacques Chirac replaces Pierre Messmer as Prime Minister on the steps of the Hôtel MatignonPrime Minister
December 1974 - June 1975
Union des Démocrates pour la République (UDR) General Secretary
June 1975
UDR, Honorary General Secretary
25 August 1976
Tendered his government resignation
1976 to 15 May 1995
Working meeting during the 1995 presidential campaignRe-elected National Assembly Deputy for Corrèze département , 3rd constituency
5 December 1976 to 12 November 1994
Elected Chairman of the Rassemblement pour la République (RPR)
20 March 1977 to 16 May 1995
Jacques and Bernadette Chirac at the Paris City HallElected Mayor of Paris
1 May 1979
Elected Chairman of the Association internationale des Maires et Responsables des Capitales et Métropoles partiellement ou entièrement francophones (AIMF) (international association of mayors and those in charge of partially or entirely French-speaking capitals and cities)
June 10, 1979
Elected to the European Parliament - Défense des Intérêts de la France en Europe (defending France's interests in Europe) list. He resigned his seat in 1980
20 March 1986 to 10 May 1988
Prime minister (Cohabitation)
7 May 1995
May 17, 1995 - François Mitterrand hands over power to Jacques Chirac Elected President of the French Republic
17 May 1995
Inauguration as President of the Republic
5 May 2002
Re-elected President of the French Republic
16 May 2002
Inauguration as President of the Republic

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Biography source : Press Office of the French Republic - 55, rue du Fbg St Honoré, F - 75008 Paris