Letter from M. Jacques CHIRAC, President of the Republic, to Mr Evo MORALES, President-elect of Bolivia.

(Paris, 22 December 2005)

President Morales,

Now that the Bolivian people have entrusted you with your country's highest office, I want most warmly to congratulate you, on behalf of the French people and personally, and very sincerely wish you success in carrying out your future responsibilities.

Your election, which crowns an exemplary political career, marks a new milestone in the history of Bolivia and Latin America. It expresses the hope of a majority of your fellow citizens that more account will be taken of their diversity and legitimate interests. They have expressed this hope in a spirit of coming together and respect for the rule of law.

Now that an immense task awaits you, you can rest assured, President Morales, that France will be at your side to help you bring about the responsible change your compatriots so earnestly want to see.

(complimentary close, with handwritten addition)./.